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June 20, 2010


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- My Dearest, It Wouldn't Hurt You To Spend One Whole Minute To Appreciate These Hard Works... Right? Wouldn't You Want The Same Thing As Well, For Someone To Appreciate Your Works? -

:w00t: :spotlight-left: Welcome to the STAGES people! :spotlight-right: :w00t:

DATE : Sunday, 20th June 2010.

DETAILS : It's time for some features of the day!!! But instead of saying feature, let me just said, Pictures & Writing of the Day!

:new: OBJECTIVE :I only want to make this articles everyday because of the term ATTENTION and MENTION to some photography and literature that deserved more than just submitting. Favorites and comments are lovely too, but let me just say quickly, people want to know more than just that, they want your feedback. So simply, by either entering this into a group and then featuring them in our journal and articles, it will make them have more audiences. As they deserved it for their hard work... And they've put their deepest feelings and emotion to make these hard works... That is my opinion! :nod:

:new: REMINDER : :note: are open for suggestions and thoughts. Thank you.

:heart: for the deviations and the creators! :dalove:

If day by day my inbox is increasing, this feature will increase too. Means there's lots of you can get chance to be in it.

Today's Special Mention Goes To.... :icononeheartarts: :heart:

OneHeartArts is a group created by the lovely lady Iluvocnj2006 with her own brilliant, excellent idea. :heart:

The group is still new. We currently still need some people that would volunteer to help the group to be a CONTRIBUTOR. If you're interested please :note: Iluvocnj2006 or xinsomniakydx

It will be big. Why? Because it will Unite All The Arts and It's Artists. And When we said Unite the Artists, This Group can create the Bond Of Friendship Around Your Fellow Artists. Isn't that GREAT? But we will let you know how it works.

For now, please Follow the Procedure to Join In Our Uniting Group, Dearest and Lovelies. Thank You. :heart:

:gallery: Pictures Of The Day :gallery:

Highlight PICTURE Of The Day! :#1:

insde your brain by YourDoor
Now fold your forehead and think...

Gatekeeper by markofthedeadI give my life by ChocolateDecadencelest we forget 3 by Gehoersturzlonely by MendYourHandCruise to the Walhalla. by Inky-BlackFire
Band of Brothers by LiesAboutTheWorldIn the universe by RachidesRed BlackAnalog  Clock by al-crays:thumb168322285:Morning coffee by Besshi69
:thumb168322570:run home when its late by YourDooryou had gone off my dream by YourDoor:thumb168322162:Angels like to play by Mogeegy23
Haussmann's Paris by floarealbastra:thumb168322141:A Marginal de Noite by devious-quark:thumb168322042:Personal view of Hong Kong by realnmakebelieve

:gallery: Writing Of The Day :gallery:

Highlight POETRY Of The Day! :#1:

lcipher42 said : What's the point in being human if you have no love in your life, nothing that means anything to you?

Spider Web StoriesSkitter through the words and numbers
Swerve around those awkward phrases
A loop, a twirl, another spin.
A tale is writ in the silk of a spider's web.
We don't ask what tale we destroy
When we tear through the fragile strands
But the spider knows what she lost
And still seeks to rebuild again.
Skitter through the words and numbers
Swerve around those awkward phrases
A loop, a twirl, another spin
A tale is writ in the silk of a spider's web.
Who can say what dreams we take down
When we tell the writers what they cannot say
When we tear down the spider webs
Do we lose something that would catch our dreams?
Skitter through the words and numbers
Swerve around those awkward phrases
A loop, a twirl, another spin
A tale is writ in the silk of a spider's web.
Like a spider, we must rebuild
The strands will be stronger next time.
When It KnocksOn the boat he's sleepin'
Of fun and girls he's dreamin'
But suddenly a sound comes
To wake the sailor man
Tap tap tap
So on the boat he's bookin'
For the noise he's lookin'
And suddenly it comes again
From the cabin door
Tap tap tap
So up the ladder he's runnin'
To shut the noise he's gunnin'
So suddenly he steps outside
Into the morning air
Next thing you know he's haulin'
The anchor's rope he's drawin'
And suddenly he starts rigging his sails
To catch the morning winds
Flap Flap Flap
Up go the sails they're talkin'
Down the waves the boat's a rockin'
For no one falls right back to sleep
When freedom comes a knockin'
Message[Verse 1]
I'm at a loss for reasons
Why you've been there for me so many times
Just a smile could get me
Through the countless nights of crashing tides
There's no way I'll ever
Be able to describe what have meant to me
But just close your eyes
Let the music be the very air you breathe
[Verse 2]
And though the days grow shorter
I'll still hold the past deep in my heart
As an ember warming
The place within you've rested right from the start
Now to the future pressing
Though trying times I'll venture on and on
It's your lasting friendship
That keeps my faith in something still growing strong
Though we walk separate
In time and space
Your light still remains
My saving grace
I'll cherish forever
The day we first met
This song I return
So I may never forget
Thank you, my friend.
Compulsion OCD-2Propelled into an existance that taunts me,
I see no way back from this consatnt repetition!
I cannot stop the cogs in my mind from turning,
I want it always to be exact and perfect,
But it never seems to be that way.
This world that has no true existance,
Has driven me to a mindless contradiction!
Forever changing but keeping on with one addiction,
Continually I counter every action.
Forever living blind in my Compulsion!!!
PickyOh God.
Oh God!
Look at that thing she's doing with her hair.
If that wasn't hand crafted by a supreme being I don't know what was.
I wonder if I could get her attention.
Wait... She just looked at me.
I think.
Okay, that was definitely eye contact.
And I may have witnessed the contractions start for the birth of a smile that I helped make.
Yep, she smiled at me.
Now I just need to become interesting and I might be able to wrangle a phone number out of this situation.
Wow, her face is gorgeous, like supermodel gorgeous. How will I be able to talk to her and not just stare vacantly?
Oh no.
No, no, no.
The universe just stopped expanding, stars are being crushed and extinguished as it collapses in on itself and life is headed for a fiery extinction,
because she just lit a cigarette and there is no way I can go out with her now.

Turn my clock backwardsTurn my clock backwards; let me see my life ahead
Give me a second chance to fix the problems I have had
Time has gone past way too fast, and now I feel lost
How come my life has faded away and I lived it as a ghost?
When was the last real time I looked at my reflection with a smile?
Looked at this hollow sack of bones whose thoughts became so vile
I really have to find that spark, the candle that lit my soul
I must forgive myself first and than turn my mercy on them all
(It happens to the best of us, we suddenly realize we hate ourselves
The only way to find the solutions is to sort our thoughts by shelves
Understand where we were wrong and what we should do to make it right
Just give me one more chance, to make you love me again, one more time.)
:thumb168325021: Casino
You are of a common kind
Hiding your cards, till the final round
You deal in games of the mind
Pain, can't break you, screams wont shake you
Prepare for the worst, that's the motto
Weapons up your sleeve
Bomb strapped to your chest
Oh- what a common- kind
Such a common kind-
Pain won't break you-
Screams can't shake you-
Nothing can tame you-
Oh- what a common- kind
Such a common kind-
Pain won't break you-
Screams can't shake you-
They're watching you now
You're cards on show
Not so cleaver now
You're gunna' crash and burn
Yes you are
You're gunna' crash and burn
You games are no match for this casino  
Oh- what a common- kind
Such a common kind-
Pain won't break you-
Screams can't shake you-
There is no chance here
:thumb168324675: Leaving HomeForever am I looking for something better
Forever do I cease to exist to find it
And is there ever a good excuse for disappearing
It's like you never have time for me anymore
Going up, going up
I'm just a yo-yo
Coming down, coming down
Losing sight of the sky
So pull the clouds over my eyes
Find another like no other
A place to satisfy
Coz I'm tired of being overlooked
overwhelmed and unappreciated
I can't live with the same routines and rules
I'm leaving home tonight
It'll finally be all right to say
I've found my place
I'm never okay with what I'm left with
The line grows clearer as the mood shifts
Please don't invade what I can hardly call my comfort
It's like you always feel a need to follow me
Every haunted memory is no worse than having none
The time in which I chase myself is begging you to run
I'm not you, please see through
everything I've left behind
If all fails, you'll prevail
Fly free and never be mine

Highlight PROSE Of The Day! :#1:
Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down          He was black, not that I had problem with his skin tone. My parents did, but it didn't surprise me – I was just grateful they didn't act on it like Mr. Jefferson. Both my Ma and Pa came from hard-working families (not particularly well off either) in Memphis, Tennessee before marrying and moving down to little old Byhalia, Mississippi just off Highway 78. Poor but pert, Byhalia is a fine place, the people friendly enough. I remember the day Mrs. Harris fixed up some cakes for my little brother when he was all tore up about his horse-of-sticks being alight.
          Fabian was delightful, a complete darling. Nicer than a hell of a lot of the jack-leg younguns who tried to fool around with me. Not that I got a lot, I'm not as fetching as Portia for instance, who was unhooked. I didn't try and understand why I was taken and she was single, all I know was that the wrong perso

Crack a smile on your face, is it not?

Prose :
:thumb167958508: No Prince Charming
    "Writers will happen in the best of families." – Rita Mae Brown.
    I have written a lot of short stories in my life, mainly fantastic things of heroes and villains, dragons and devils. I have also written many a tragic story, which are vignettes of my life but with the names altered to protect myself from repercussions. Ironically, until last year I had never written about my family, and I suppose it was to protect them, but also to protect a part of my life that I wished to keep secret. As I once told two of my friends who were arguing about Creationism and Evolution "Knowing something's origins surely makes it far less fun." When questioned to the meaning, I simply answered to them both "Look at your steaks. Once that was a living creature that only wanted to live and raise young of its own, but was killed, mutilated, transported and by looks of it, overcooked." My friends were unimpressed, as one is a biological student, the
OC academymeeting everyone
Reinvolt's Academy of the giftedaccepts many students, but only those that fit certain...qualifications.
"oh hello new visitors!" Jasmine says to a group of people entering the academy. their names: Shadow, Nina, Ark, Angel, and Kimiko.
backstories and features:
Shadow Darkweave is a average 17-year-old that has more going on inside him than ya think. you would asume hes normal fromhis attire. a simple sleeveless Tee and school pants. however, under his skin, n is mind and soul, is several different spirits. a demonic raptor, a hellish copy, and many others. he often refers to himself as a type of vessel. his skintone is tanned and he as sapphire blue eyes and navy coloured hair. his attitude...protective of his sister but outside of that hes neutral.
Nina Darkweave is the buxom 18-year-old sister of Shadow. she, unlike shadow, has transformation powers instead of multiple spirits. she wears a white top with a collar, a black skirt, and simple boots. her eyes, like
Prologue     The town was busy as usual. In reality, if one could actually get a bird's eye view on it, it would probably, no, it definitely
would look as if it was an ant farm. Organized, filled to the brim with harmony, each one of the participants knowing his or her role in keeping said harmony in check. The sense of camaraderie vibrated in the air; just by stepping  into the borders of the town one could taste the serenity in the air (if not feel suspicious, after all, where can one find such a town anymore), the acoustics of happiness reverberating and one felt bound to keep this stability in check, to be part of this picture perfect plan.
     The traveler however, narrowed his eyes as soon as he stepped into the boundaries. Each breath he took seem to not belong to him, it was as if the very air itself was shared in the town. And he, like any other merchant, does not like sharing. Be it food, money or in this case air, he could
Fun with clerksAs a worker in a grocery store, I understand it is the job of the customer to demand satisfaction.  And as a customer-- and a complete lunatic-- the only way I can get "satisfaction" is by making clerks look at me and go, "wait, what?"
George Carlin was a wise man.  He taught us that clerks tend to need "special help" to stay alert.  The best time to test a cashier's alertness is in the morning, when they are least likely to be fully awake.  I have personally found that if you use monopoly money instead of real bills at 6:00 am, there is a 50% chance the clerks will take it.  Imagine the possibilities!
Also on the subject of satisfaction, ever notice how the lottery never really seems to satisfy you?  You never really seem to win, do you?  And yet, if you demand a refund on your lottery tickets, customer service won't give it to you!  I mean, where's the logic in that, huh?  C
KatherineThere are countless wondrous things in this world; whether it be the fresh smell of night after rain, or a sunset over the horizon on a summer's day, or even the first cry of life in the early hours of the morning. These simple things, the things many people take for granted, may bring hope to the darkest day or happiness to the darkest heart. Things of wonder come in every day actions to, lest we forget; a friendly greeting of goodmorning, a smile to a stranger or a hug as a simple act of friendship. The smallest things in life are often to be the most treasured, as they often make the most difference (if seen in the right way) in a person'd life and are missed the most when taken away. The smallest things in life bring the most joy to a common heart; whether it be the first snowflake falling in winter or the first kiss in a pact of love.
"Katherine," came a whispered voice beside the girl.
The snow around her fell like the feathers of a thousand angels wings, dancing in the win
Prologue: A chance meetingThe rain pounded the dry, cracked earth as leaves bent and sprung as the water weighed them down then fell. A steady beat accompanied the sound of rain and the occasional splash as the person walked through a puddle.
A muttered swear word echoed in the silence as the walker got stuck in a particularly deep puddle.
"This is just brilliant. Now I'm going to be stuck here all night." A feminine voice grumbled as it's owner struggled with the submerged leg, trying to free it.
A deep chuckle echoed through the forest as a figure stepped forward.
"Need help there miss?" the man asked.
"No thanks. I don't accept 'help' from strangers." The woman said, glaring at him.
"I'm not as much of a stranger as you'd think. You'd know that if you still had your memory." he stated, unoffended.
She just stared at him in shock.
"How'd you know?"
"As I said, I'm not that much of a stranger."
"Fine, if you say so. I'm not in the mood to argue at the moment" she said as she continued to struggle.
a soft sigh,
Leanne's Test         Leanne concentrated closely at screwing the last bolt. She was surrounded by pulleys, levers, and the gears of her latest handmade invention she was putting together. She reached out her other arm in between the strings and pipes to make sure the chain she attached on the gears was working. She was lucky that she got to find a small enough chain lying out in the street.
Suddenly her pet owl, who was sitting on a perch nearby, started hooting to her.
"What was that Argus?" Leanne asked him.
"Heuu! Hoo! Hoo! Heuuuuu!"
"My pulley is in the wrong place? Nonsense!"
Then when she tried tightening the bolt one last time, the pulley that Argus was hooting about, surely was in the wrong place. It came loose and fell to the floor.  
Leanne bent down to pick it up, but when she did so, she spotted an old photograph in a dark spot on the floor. It was a picture of her when she was seven, and her father who was displaying an Easter egg
rainy dayI wake up that morning and look out the window. never in a million years would i have guessed, rain! i raced to put my two piece on, and scampered across the yard to my favorite place, the mud hole. i ran and slid head first on my belly. i did this over and over again till it looks like i was dipped in chocolate ready to eat. my belly started to hurt and it was red from slidin i knew then it was time to go. i tip toe inside and take a shower, when i am done the walls were hit by a mud slide. i wrap myself in my warm pjs and get myself some hot coco with coffee and marshmellows. i sit on the porch in my little old rocker and look where my feet were but the prints do not remain.

:iconteamoplz: I love you all, :nod: and... You all know how to make people happy, right? :nod: :heart: :iconteamoplz:

Check Them Amazing People And Galleries, With Only A Sincere Heart Of Yours. :) x
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I must say that.. I'm flattered of course, especially since I get so few comments and whatever..
The question is- why exactly this poem? I mean, don't get me wrong, I just think it's one of my worst poems XD
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